Our History

In the year 2000, the 2000 Memorial Event was held at the town of Toei.
The theme was wood.
Mr.Brian Ruth, who is the main organizer of MASTERS OF THE CHAINSAW (headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA) was invited to the event. He performed demonstration shows and workshops in which 19 people participated.

One of the participants, Mr.Tadashi Ito, our first president, called for the establishment of the first chainsaw art club in Japan and started to prepare for its foundation. Then in April 8, 2001, the Chainsaw Art Club MASTERS OF THE CHAINSAW TOEI was founded with 29 members. In October, 2001 we held our first chainsaw art competition at Toei Dome. The competition has continued to be held yearly ever since and is the largest chainsaw gathering in Japan to date. Currently, 56 members are active in monthly practice sessions and demonstration shows in many areas.
We, the Chainsaw Art Club MASTERS OF THE CHAINSAW TOEI, are granted limited-license (only domestic in Japan) for the use of MASTERS OF THE CHAINSAW by Mr.Brian Ruth.

Caution : The logo mark, MASTERS OF THE CHAINSAW, is a registered brand, and it is prohibited to use without permission.